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Come and experience health, as nature intended, with workshops and retreats in beautiful Jämtland, Sweden. We bring all the elements of nature together - earth, air, water and fire - to offer you the optimal health experience, from nature's classroom.

Experience the ultimate breath work retreat in the invigorating crisp air and frozen lake in Borgvattnet with Wim Hof Method instructor Alexander. Fill your senses with the best of the earth's local food with workshops from BANT registered nutritionist Catherine. Feel the glowing warmth from a fire on the lake, or a wood-fired hot tub or sauna, to complete your experience.


Combine cold therapy and conscious breathing with accredited Wim Hof Method instructor Alexander Pohl, as you learn to master your mind and body in the ice cold waters of Borgvattnet lake. We use Wim's three-pillar approach of breath, cold and mindset, to help support your body with true mindfulness, improved health, and even to overcome the likes of anxiety and. depression. 



Let nature nourish you. Catherine Pohl is a BANT registered nutritionist running food and nutrition-based workshops, as well as feeding ice bathers and more, throughout their stays. Learn how the nature's offerings can bring your health back into balance, for a happier, healthier body and mind. Workshops include natural cooking, fermenting, organic living and wild food.


The beautiful natural surroundings of the remote forests of northern Sweden are an idyllic environment to relax, recharge and restore. In addition to ice bathing and delicious natural food, we offer seasonal retreats with local experts who teach yoga, herbal medicine, stress management, art and forest bathing.  While you're with us, we can help you experience the very best of this beautiful area, with a reindeer experience, cross-country skiing or a husky sledding adventure.

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Come and stay with us, for a full immersion trip to the heart of northern Sweden, where you can experience all elements of be.human.natural. Whether you’re looking for an extended Wim Hof Method experience or a relaxing yoga or culinary based retreat, click below to find out more.



With a background in corporate business, sustainability and consultancy, we offer packages to individuals, groups, schools and organisations. Get in touch with us, and let us know what you are looking to achieve, and we will create the perfect tailor made experience.



Be.Human.Natural is run by Alexander and Catherine Pohl, from their family small holding and retreat centre in the Northern Swedish village of Borgvattnet.


Alexander is a certified Wim Hof Method instructor and environmental and sustainability expert. He is passionate about getting back to nature and revealing the true potential of our bodies to overcome adversity, and turn it into an opportunity to thrive. He teaches breath work, natural movement, play and cold immersions and is inspired by the natural world around us which truly offers us all of the solutions to life’s needs, if we only listen to and work with it.

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Catherine Pohl is a Registered Nutritionist (mBANT) and Health Coach. She is passionate about supporting good health through nourishing, real foods that fuel our bodies and minds to restore natural balance and achieve their true potential. She runs the nutrition and food side of things here, including one-to-one sessions, workshops and talks, as well as providing delicious, nutritious, local food to our nature-based workshop and retreat attendees.

Together, we run all of the workshops and retreats here at be.human.natural, as well as hosting expert speakers and teachers from across the natural health sector.


We moved to Borgvattnet, Sweden, with our two children and dog Bailey, after we realised how crazy and disconnect London life was from our core values. Our inspiration comes from a love of all things natural, and the understanding that true health comes from living in, around, using and giving back to nature to its full potential.

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Diana, Östersund

I love the combination of Nature, food and breath work. Coming together with other like minded and spirited people was so warm and up lifting. I thoroughly recommend this to everyone.

Karl, Brighton UK

I have always been a free spirit, but to celebrate the winter solstice with my first ice bath in the lake was life changing. The world looks so much more vibrant since. Thank you to Alex and Catherine.


Thanks for your message. We will be in touch soon.

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