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Kunna Nattura 
A pop-up festival experience in Borgvattnet

Why Should You Come?

There has never been another time like now… do you feel it?  The time is to live, love, experience, heal and to grow.  Are you looking for an opportunity to do this?

Kunna Nattura is Old Norse and is the union of “Kunna” which means  to know, understand, of art, skill and knowledge and “Nattura” which means Nature, (supernatural) virtue and power.  

Kunna Nattura is a pop-up festival whose programme looks to our roots and seeks to awaken the mind, body and spirit in a way that is accessible by all. Using Nature as inspiration, these three days will take participants on an inner and outer journey.  Sweden and especially Jämtland have a very deep history that many people don’t know about, but once you do, it fills you with something special we hope you will take with you wherever you came from and make your home even more special…

The concept is all about coming together, sharing and creating, so there will be plenty of opportunities to support and be part of the event itself. Do you have a skill or talent that you could share?  We’d love more music, more art, more crafts, help preparing, etc.

The programme has something for everyone as variety is the spice of life and pays particular focus to local food, culture and human talents and potential.  All the information you need and how to make your contribution can be found on this webpage.

Thanks to Be Human Natural AB for providing the webspace for us to share this with you.  Check them out and maybe they also have something you are looking for as well.

What you need to know so you can go!



As this is a pop-up festival, which means it is spontaneous and just to create something amazing, tickets are a way to contribute to the costs for the venue and the entertainment.  All other activities and workshops are provided for free on a volunteer basis.  


Contributions are as follow: 


  • Adults (18 and over) – 555 SEK for the whole weekend or 222 SEK for a day

  • Young Adults (14 to 18) – 333 SEK for the whole weekend or 111 for a day

  • Children (under 14) – Free, although a voluntary contribution of 111 SEK would be welcomed to help with costs


Tickets can be purchased on Eventbright here… 


If you just want to participate in the Swim Run on Saturday, 10 August, which will be start at 9am, you can buy a Swim Run ticket here…




There will be local food vendors who will be providing food catering for people’s eating habits ranging from carnivore to vegan and can be purchased locally using cash, SWISH or, depending on seller, cards.  Focus will be on local and natural food and it will all be tasty.

On Saturday evening there will be a Banquet Dinner that is included in the Weekend Festival ticket price or an extra 150 SEK for those with day tickets.


There is also the local cafes at the Affar’n Borgvattnet and the Spökprästgården where you can purchase food.


There are also limited facilities to cook your own food.





As this is a pop-up festival, the accommodation makes the most of Borgvattnet and gives you the opportunity to have as real an experience as you like.


  • Camping – If you are bringing your caravan or simply tent, there are a number of places for you to stay overnight.  Please email with “Kunna Nattura Camping” in the Subject to enquire, how to pay and be allocated a place.  Contributions for camping are 111 SEK for every person per night over 14 years and 14 and under stay free.  Please note that there will be basic facilities, but no electricity or places to dispose of septic tanks. You can arrive from Thursday evening and leave on Monday although the actual programme is only from Friday midday to Sunday afternoon.


  • Homestay – A number of local residents have made beds available to visitors.  These are on a first booked first given basis and at a cost of 222 SEK per person per night.  Not only do you get a comfortable bed, all hosts are lovely people who also give wonderful conversation.  Please email with “Kunna Nattura Camping” in the Subject to enquire, how to pay and be allocated a place.  


  • B&B – There is a local B&B which has limited rooms called Up på Vinden.

  • AirBNB – There are also a number of local rooms and houses you can rent.

Who is helping make this happen...

"I'm Alexander Pohl, one of your hosts for the festival. I'll be looking after all the preparations and will welcome you at the event. I also will arrange some ice bathing, breathwork and a special ceremony at the festival. Can't wait to meet you!

Alexander Pohl


Any questions? 

Festival Address


Eriksberg Festplatz


84495 Stugun

Alexander Pohl

+46 70 6393433

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Festival Timings

Friday, 9 Aug

12:00 - 23:00

Saturday, 10 Aug

06:00 - 24:00

Sunday, 11 Aug

06:00 - 14:00

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