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They always say "it's as much the journey as the destination" and certainly getting to Borgvattnet can be an adventure.

You have three main options of travelling to Borgvattnet...

1. Road trip - Borgvattnet is a serious road trip with many different exciting and interesting stops you can make along the way if you have the time.

2. Almost direct flights from the world to Östersund - this isn't the most economical way to get to Borgvattnet, but certainly it is the most expedient. You will fly via Stockholm and can either hire a car at the airport or arrange a transfer from Östersund to Borgvattnet.

3. Fly from anywhere in the world to Stockholm and catch the night train to Östersund - Travelling by sleeper train is almost a lost form of travel and adds an amazing dimension to your trip. Book your flight to Stockholm with your airline of choice (flights from London can be as inexpensive as GBP17 with Ryanair!) and then book your sleeper train with Sweden's national rail company, Just contact us to arrange a transfer from Östersund and your journey of planes, trains and automobiles will be complete with some optional cold water bathing and hot drinks during your transfer...

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