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Nature: the Fourth Pillar of the WHM?

Do you sometimes feel like you are being separated from Nature? I don't know about you, but sometimes I really do feel let down by technology. Every day I'm on the internet or social media and I'm told that the world has never had more problems, but not to worry, there is a fix if we just have faith - a new technology will fix it...

Then I read that many of our societal problems are somehow linked to the rise of technology and can't help feel like someone is lying...

The definition of a poison is “anything that is in excess of what we need”. And we are being encouraged to outsource more and more of our lives to technology. Could it be that much of the technology we use could actually be poisoning us?

This pondering formed the basis of a recent workshop I delivered at the Wim Hof Instructors' Reunion at Wim's House in Stroe in the Netherlands: "Re-naturing your Practice".

I strongly believe there is an opportunity to rebalance our lives and find an appropriate level of technology. Technology which doesn't take away from human dignity, meaning and purpose in our lives. How to start, you ask? Well, we need to go back to basics and look both inside and outside ourselves to think about what we are. Simply put, we are Nature, not Technology. Once you recognise and acknowledge your identity as being part of Nature, then you can begin to regain your Natural power and put technology back in its appropriate place.

Here is a little exercise based on the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono practice to get you started. This is a ritual of reconcilliation where you essentially apologise to Nature for the way that you have treated her and for your separation and you are welcomed home with forgiveness and love. All you need to do is the following...

Find a tree rooted in the ground. Take off your shoes, lay both your hands on the treetrunk and close your eyes. Then slowly repeat the following mantraout loud for 5 rounds, increasing the energy with each round. “I'm sorry... Please forgive me... Thank you... I love you...”.

Try it and see how you feel afterwards. If you can, do this ritual with family and friends. Forgiveness and reconcilliation is something that we can practice in many different aspects of our life, but using it to help you on yourjourney reconnecting with Nature is particularly inspiring.

This ritual is now a foundation exercise in all of our retreats and we hope to practice it together with you sometime very soon in the beautiful forests of Borgvattnet.

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