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What to expect at our Wim Hof Winter Travel Week

Winter 2023/24 kicked off with an amazing Fundamentals Weekend in early December, followed by an incredible 24 hours hosting the Noordkaap Challenge just before Christmas with 40 people ice bathing in the space of a single hour! And our Wim Hof Weekends are booking up fast for 2024 too, so... we decided to offer you something even more exciting - a full Wim Hof Winter Travel Week! This will be from 25th - 30th January, with a second week option late April tbc.

Prepare for an extended journey of discovery and transformation. Yes, you'll relish all the incredible activities from our famed weekends, but here's the best bit – you’ll have an entire additional three days to experience even more, delve deeper, solidify your understanding, and seamlessly integrate this transformational knowledge and experience into your life.

Let's just reiterate that... you'll get to learn and/or consolidate the Wim Hof Method which is already a powerhouse, nurturing both physical and mental well-being. When practiced amidst our breathtaking natural landscape, far removed from the hustle of everyday life, alongside a community of like-minded individuals, its benefits are magnified tenfold.

Picture this: refining your technique, elevating your breathwork to new heights in a safe, inspiring setting, and embracing the invigorating challenge of multiple ice baths in stunning natural water locations. Indulge in the finest locally sourced, natural cuisine meticulously prepared by our resident nutritionist. All set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing and expansive nature enveloping us.

But wait, there's more! Outside the water, immerse yourself in cold exposure with an enchanting snowshoe hike. Learn essential fire-lighting survival skills for an off-grid BBQ and partake in a transformative fire ceremony. Feel the awe-inspiring spiritual energy emanating from Borgvattnet, culminating in a once-in-a-lifetime breathing experience at an ancient energy tree.

The adventure continues with some light-hearted snowball fights and sledding, and enjoying the spellbinding beauty of sunrise and sunset. With extra nights, there's an even greater chance that the enchanting Northern Lights will await, offering a breathtaking spectacle alongside unobstructed views of the Milky Way like never before.

Transfers are available from and to Ostersund, boasting both a regional airport and a mainline railway station. Alternatively, why not embark on a scenic journey over the mountains from Trondheim and add an exhilarating husky tour at Wild Spirit Dogsledding along the way. Here's some more on how to get to us. For our overseas guests, consider a stopover in Stockholm or Trondheim to enhance your adventure.

Need tips on accommodations or local attractions? We're here to ensure this becomes your trip of a lifetime. Let's create unforgettable memories together! What else do you want? Drop us a line and ask!

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