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If someone asked you what your stress levels were like at this moment, what would you answer?

Most of us live in a chronic state of stress as stress comes from everywhere.

Our jobs, debts, school commitments, children, partners, the news, taxes, government requirements, pollution, noise, EMF, industrial food, etc all place stresses on our bodies.

Nature designed humans in such a way that we respond to this stress...

However, as these stresses are no longer acute like Nature intended (e.g. being threatened by a wolf, having to undertake frequent physical activity and being much more exposed to the element), the responses are no longer wholly appropriate.

What do you do to deal with these stresses? Do you drink, smoke, watch Netflix, go to the gym or something completely different? How you deal with stress determines whether you are actually getting rid of the stress impacts or perhaps even making them worse.

It is very interesting that humans actually need to complete the stress response to ensure that the stress has been dealt with and its impacts resolved.

Would you be surprised if managing stress with stress can be the solution?

That is exactly what we do with the Wim Hof Method at be.human.natural.... we use stress as a tool to manage other stresses and reap the holistic mind, body and spirit benefits.

The cold is an especially powerful stressors as we can control it and use it in so many different ways. From the famous ice baths to simply not wearing a jacket to putting hands in bowls of snow or even just a cold shower, we can access and leverage this stressor in so many different ways.

Key is to understand the benefits and how we should act when exposed to the cold. This knowledge is a gift that will keep giving for your whole life.

The question is when are you going to have your first lesson?

Take a look at our website, or find us via the Wim Hof booking portal, and do something to change YOUR life today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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