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What if you could slow down time?

We hear so much in the press these days about getting old and how billions are being spent trying to extend people's lives. Is that what the world has come to, quantity of life with no focus on quality? The life expectancy of a viking was much, much shorter than today, but their philosophy was to live life fully and ideally die on the battle field defending what they held dear.

How many of us live the modern equivalent of this today? I would argue that it is fewer and fewer. Too many of us would rather get the latest injection, swallow pills or try the latest fad diet rather than to take a moment to reflect.

Some of you may say that there isn't time to do this, but I would argue that there is alway time if you make time. This goes for everything.... and there is a big benefit for those who the quality of how you use your time. 2 minutes well spent are always better than 2 hours dithered away...

This is where both breath work and cold exposure come in. From as little as 3 conscious breaths or a quick 10 minutes for 3 rounds of Wim Hof Breathing or a two minute cold shower or ice bath, a short period of time can give you immense benefits both physically and mentally.

To be honest, I actually find that I lose a sense of time when I am in an ice bath and depending on what I need it can seem like it's over in the blink of an eye or lasts a lifetime. It gives me the time to be present and enjoy a quality moment full of rich experience, emotions and reflection. It also allows me an escape from the obsession of living forever by knowing that this moment matters and if it were my last, it would be ending in style.

Funnily, ice baths and breath work have been shown over millennia to actually prolong life, improve health and contribute to mental growth and so the risk of your next cold exposure or breath work session being your last is very remote.

None the less, the battlefields of today are very different than those of the vikings, but the principle to live your best life and to leave this world knowing you gave your best is more relevant than ever.

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